Digital Home Portal Enabler
Functions @ Home

Convergence in the home

To syndicate personalize entertainment, communication and information contents on the cloud to your house. To ties all your personal computing and home entertainment into a seamless multimedia environment. To manage all your home appliances, electronics, Information, entertainment, and security, plus your climate control system from any devices.

Portable Convergence

One single integrated platform
Easy to customize & re-config
Home Cloud for Infotainment
Seamless multi-devices interoperability
Enabling add-on features, services & applications

Function @ Home


Story Boarding and Wireframe

Ideation + Validatio

‒ Seamless integration
‒ Simple
‒ Polite

Scenario @ Home

Audio & Video Multimedia, Peripherals & Accessories and
Home Networks with solid year-n-year improvements


Design Prototype