Digital Media Matrix

Smart Device Solution

Digital Media Matrix

Softy glowing graphics make it easy to operate at night In addition it has nine switches which can be programmed to do various of Digital Home Automation (via Bluetooth) 

The digital media port will automatically backup data from your cell phone, web download, mail, Twitter in simultaneously
Setting up specific modes with lighting indication touch button when you enter the house.  The nine function buttons can help to control your home wisely 

Digital Media Matrix

LED Matrix for System status indication,
Message notification, Motion-light transition effect
(from bright to Dim among the LED matrix), Customized icons 


ODD Module

NAS Disk


Digital Media Matrix

Ideation + Validation


Target user and SCOPE

Themes and insights

  • While you are coming home, the home portal will sensor you to do various of eHome automation
  • It’s the first thing you use when you got in the house, (Just like the “master switch” in a hotel room)
  • The digital media port will be wake up and display the messages which sorting from you phone, mail twitter, RSS, and the services you subscribed with meaningfully graphic icon 
  • User can pick up the phone/w RC for further interaction according the need

  • The messages that accumulated by cloud can be displayed to big screen TV .
  • The RC/Phone can help to control your home wisely

Smart Device Solution. role and devices

Media Center in my house

Media follow you

Set your favor environment via sensor

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