oil tester
Edible Oil Tester / Shuttle Streamlined Design

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance, Safe and Convenient Solution for Oil Quality Testing

oil tester

The handheld edible oil tester is a convenient and essential tool designed primarily for kitchen use to assess the quality of frying oil, ensuring it meets the requisite standards. Featuring a non-detachable metal component, it is washable, making maintenance a breeze. Ergonomically designed, this tester protects the hand from direct contact with hot oil, promoting safety and ease of use. The clear alarms displayed on the color backlit screen facilitate easier evaluation of oil quality. Moreover, with an IP65 protection level, it allows for washing under running water, enhancing its durability and function for everyday use.

oil tester
Ergonomic Grip, OLED Color Backlit Display


Handheld and Portable

Tailored for convenience, this handheld device can be effortlessly transported and utilized in various culinary settings, making it a versatile tool for any kitchen.


Durable and Non-disassemblable Metal Components

The tester features robust, non-disassemblable metal components, promising durability and a prolonged lifespan, standing as a steadfast partner in your kitchen adventures.


Washable Design

With a protective rating of IP65, this tester can be cleansed under running water, enabling hassle-free and sanitary maintenance after each usage.


Ergonomic Design

Crafted in adherence to ergonomic principles, this tool safeguards your hands from coming into direct contact with hot oil, thus providing a protective barrier against potential burns and other accidents.


User-Friendly Color Backlit Display

The device comes equipped with a color backlit display that emits clear warnings, simplifying the process of assessing the quality of edible oil. Its intuitive interface grants users a seamless navigation experience, making the evaluation process more straightforward and efficient.

oil tester
Easy Cleaning and Maintenance, Safe and Convenient Solution for Oil Quality Testing