Omelet Cooky, Freshen Up Your Self-Service experience

  • Easy and fast Plug in Rima and you're ready to serve fresh meals in a limit space. Then easily wheel Rima to new locations to capitalize on events and reach more people.
  • Less waste, less cost Serve ~65 meals before replacing ingredients and keep food fresher longer with precise temperature control, so you can run through the night without extra labor costs.
  • Compact cooking solution Create better cooking experience and meal quality to let people make desired cooking accomplishment every time, to improve the cooking skills, and enjoy the cooking process.

Omelet Machine

WISE's First product, the RIMA fuses art and science to capture the full potential of automation .

As a WISE flagship product, the RIMA establishes the bar for excellence across all WISE products and experiences.

Putting  Robotics To Delicious Use

Rima uses groundbreaking robotics to assemble delicious meals from ingredients that are contained and protected. It's innovative
technology that enables fresh food for more people in more places.