HD Media Display

Why consumer need a smartphone docking?

Your smartphone is ready to morph into your next computer
The concept shows a dock that would include an output for a larger display, build in battery tank, excellence acoustic sound system, individual IO ports (USB, MIC in, line out, TV out) and potential extender over 1394 (an Ethernet Jack, USB hub, card reader, among other things), charger…
with more powerful processors, smartphones currently have almost the same processing capability as computers.
consumers now use their phone for everything from web surfing to chat, simple productivity applications, e-mail and photos, gaming, reading, and entertainments…
Current smartphone is inability to connect PC peripheral devices such as a keyboard or a mouse, a display which prevented it truly becoming a computing system.
More other reasons 

9” form factor design like iPad

Charging Duck accompany with your smart phone

Flip-out as a ducking stand transformed to Displug HD Mode